The Gull Lake committee sent out this communication today. Please read the section about volunteers. Flurb must provide two volunteers for each day of the competition. If you need help, signing up let me know.

Tara Matuszek <>4:26 PM (2 hours ago)
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Hello Teams,

I am Tara Matuszek, Event Coordinator for the Gull Lake District FIRST Robotics Competition.  I apologize for the delay in reaching out — I can’t believe how quickly the competition is coming up!  

For up to date general information about the event, you can check the FIRST in Michigan website, here (most of the venue-specific info is under the Event Guide).  I wanted to specifically highlight a few things:


We are really short on volunteers this year.  We only have 33 teams attending, and many of those teams are smaller than usual, so we have been struggling to fill even fairly major roles still (and the event is only a couple of weeks away).  As a reminder, teams are required to provide two volunteers at any event they attend, and we desperately need to get those volunteers processed ASAP.  Please help make this event successful by getting your volunteers to register.  We know it’s difficult but that’s the only way we can run the event. 

We are specifically looking for a scorekeeper, MC, Game Announcer, Robot Inspectors (especially for Thursday night check-in), back-up medical help, field reset, safety manager (not as technical/scary as it sounds), setup/teardown help, and other positions.


1.      Go to the FIRST Volunteer Dashboard.(

2.      Login or create an account if you don’t have one already.

3.      Select the Volunteer registration tab on your Dashboard

4.      Event volunteering.

5.      Select FRC for the program and enter our event name.

6.      Hit “apply filters” button – You should have one result to select and choose your preferences

Mask Policy (all FRC events)

All volunteers and attendees at FRC events will be required to wear a mask from set up to tear down and all the time in between. This rule applies whether you are unvaccinated or vaccinated once, twice, or twice with a booster. As always, our highest priority is the safety of our volunteers and attendees.”

Please share Covid protocols for events with all attendees associated with your team including students, parents, mentors, sponsors etc and resolve any issues before they get to the event. If for any reason they refuse to wear a mask, please invite them to watch remotely, but make it clear they may not attend.

Safety Glasses

Teams will need to bring safety glasses for all students/mentors.  There will be no safety glasses available to rent/re-use because of FIRST’s Covid protocols.  If team members forget their glasses, they can purchase them onsite for $10 each.  There will be a limited supply of glasses given out to visitors only, which cannot be returned, so please consider providing safety glasses for friends/family of your team, if possible.


There has been some construction that is supposed to be wrapped up, so stay tuned for updates on this, but currently should be the same as usual (and their will be signs posted):

Use the loading dock entrance for loading and unloading and remember to move trailers to the designated trailer parking area overnight (after unloading).  Please do not park in the Bus Loop before 11:30am Friday morning.