The girls continue to practice for the Bloomfield Hills Girls Event. I’m getting excited to see “Sasha” compete one more time.

Events this week:

Monday, 9/30/2019 6-8 pm – #team_huddle at the practice field. The ladies will continue to practice for the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition. We need to add a couple of motor controllers to our 2018 robot “Nancy” and write the programming to make the lift work again. The team is responsible for creating a tri-fold display board for the upcoming BWARA practice field grand opening. I will bring the cricket and the picture drive so we can get started on this project. We should also start pre-scouting the teams attending the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition.

Wednesday, 10/2/2019 5 pm – We have been invited to walk in the St. Clair Homecoming Parade. The plan is to drive Nancy and the flamingo robot in the parade while pulling the team trailer with my truck. We will pass out candy and a few buttons. Parents, family, and team alumni are welcome to walk. You’re part of the team too! Wear red Flurb gear. If you don’t have any Flurb gear yet, wear red. If you are part of another group walking in the parade feel free to walk with them. Please note that plans will change if it is raining and/or storming. Robots are allergic to water…

Looking forward to next week:

Sunday, 10/6/2019, 12 pm – Setup for the BWARA practice field grand opening. Flurb is responsible for cleaning the facility. We need to sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, and set up some tables. (I bet we can squeeze in some driving practice for the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition.) I only need a couple of volunteers for the project.

Monday, 10/7/2019, 6 pm – Drive team only. Everyone else take the day and get caught up with your schoolwork.

Tuesday, 10/8/2019 2-7 pm – Today is the BWARA practice field’s grand opening. The grand opening is an important event for both Flurb and BWARA. Over 450 invitations have been sent to the partners and supports of FIRST robotics in St. Clair County. This would be a great opportunity to introduce FIRST robotics to your family. All 10 BWARA teams will be at the practice field. The plan is for the Flurb leadership team to leave school after 5th hour and carpool to the field. The rest of the team will be divided up into two groups. The first group will arrive at 3:00 pm and the second group will arrive at 5:00 pm.

Friday, 10-11-2019 – Immediately after school the team will head to Bloomfield Hills. We will set up our pit and the ladies will participate in some practice matches.

Saturday, 10-12-2019 6-9 pm – Today is the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition. The team will meet at SCHS and carpool to Bloomfield Hills. More information and an agenda for this event will be shared later this week.