This season volunteers at the FRC FIRST in Michigan State Championship will be sponsored by the FCA Foundation, the charitable arm of Stellantis. We are launching a T-shirt design contest for the FRONT of the volunteer T-shirt to celebrate their sponsorship!

FIRST in Michigan will take care of putting the FCA Foundation logo on the sleeve and on the back, so please don’t include the FCA Foundation logo on the front.

Here are the rules of the contest:
All entries must be a single color, WHITE, to go on a black T-shirt
These are the elements that must be included in the artwork:
1. FIRST logo (FIM logo will be on the back, so please don’t include it on the front)
2. Rapid React Logo
3. The year (2022)
4. The words “FIRST in Michigan FRC State Championship”
5. Original artwork celebrating the game or season

Please use this link to upload your designs. Please make sure the name of the file(s) you upload include(s) your team number.

You can submit a hand drawing or a digital design. For digital designs, please upload the source file PLUS a pdf, jpg or png.

The form will close for submissions at 11:59 pm on Feb 7, 2022. The winning design will be announced no later than Feb 14, 2022 and will be used for the front of the Volunteer T-Shirt!

I can’t wait to see the creativity!

Best Regards,
Gail Alpert
President, FIRST in Michigan