Upcoming team events.
Saturday, Sept. 7th 9:00 am to 3:00 pm – We will fixing our demonstration robot(s) at the practice field. The practice field is located at 2005 Petit Road, Port Huron. New team members will need to have their parent come in and sign a field waiver. Please note the field will be a busy place on Saturday as the BWARA middle school FTC kick-off event will be going on at the same time.

Sunday, Sept. 8th 12:00 pm – We are walking in the Richmond Good Ole Days Parade. We will meet in Richmond at a location yet to be determined. The parade finishes at the Richmond Kmart. Parents are welcome to walk with the team. Wear any Flurb gear, Saint’s gear, or Mariner’s gear.

Wednesday, Sept. 11th 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm – The team has volunteered to help build the St. Clair Imagination Station.

Monday, Sept. 16th at 7:00 pm is our annual kick-off parent meeting at St. Clair High School Room 312. This is a mandatory meeting for both students and parents. We will have a brief orientation to Team Flurb, fill out the many forms and waivers we require and answer any questions. Again this meeting is mandatory. If you are unable to attend you must contact Steven Tenniswood at 810-289-9013.

Flurb has an online calendar – https://calendar.flurb5843.org/

We would love to have you participate in the team’s off-season events, but participation is not mandatory for everything. The official season begins with the 2020 Kickoff Event the first Saturday in January.